Ebrahim Ahmadisharaf
Postdoctoral Associate
400 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-2083
Watershed modeling, GIS applications in water resources, uncertainty analysis, hydrologic modeling, water quality

Priscilla Beth Baker
Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator
307A Seitz Hall | (540) 231-2145
Undergraduate academic advising for course selection and degree focus, internships, co-ops, study abroad, career opportunities, and support services offered through the university

Mirza Billah
Postdoctoral Associate
211 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-6538
Hydrologic system modeling, surface and groundwater interactions, climate change impact on water resources, GIS in water resources, data management workflow

Hui Chen
Postdoctoral Associate
301B HABB1 | (540) 231-7414
Protein engineering and site-directed evolution, in vitro synthetic biology, co-expression of recombinant enzymes, high density fermentation

Daniel Fuka
Postdoctoral Associate
Cornell University | (607) 793-1700
Geoscience interfacing, watershed sciences

Jeremy Hanson
Project Coordinator - EPA Expert Panel BMP Assessment
Annapolis, MD | (410) 267-5777
Nonpoint source BMPs, BMPs in the Chesapeake Bay watershed

Yun Hu
Postdoctoral Associate
302C HABB1 | 231-7601
Nanoparticle based nicotine vaccine development

John Ignosh
Area Specialist, Agricultural Byproduct Utilization
Extension Northern District | (540) 432-6029 x108
Agricultural byproduct utilization, renewable energy, energy efficiency, nutrient management, Extension programming, project analysis, and international development

Eui-Jin Kim
Research Associate
301B HABB1 | (540) 231-7414
In vitro enzymatic system, protein engineering, directed evolution, hydrogen production, artificial photosynthesis

Karen Kline
Research Scientist
400 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-0094
Watershed, water quality, and hydrologic modeling; development of TMDLs for impaired waters

Robert Lane
Extension Specialist, Seafood
Virginia Seafood AREC | (757) 727-4861
Thermal and vision food processing, evaluation, validation; time/temperature measurement and analysis; sustainable energy, water, resource and waste management

Laura Lehmann
111 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-6094
Environmental/Agricultural Research Manager

Hehuan Liao
Postdoctoral Associate
400 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-2083
Watershed-scale contaminant fate and transport modeling; risk analysis, pollutant source tracking, benthic macroinvertebrate community health across Central Appalachia region

Erin Ling
Water Quality Extension Associate
400D Seitz Hall | (540) 231-9058
Private water supply testing and outreach, community watershed management, development of water quality education and outreach materials, social marketing and behavior change, program management

Song Lou
Postdoctoral Associate
302C HABB1 | (540) 231-7601
Bio-nanoparticle mediated drug delivery for cancer

Christian Mariger
314 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-6957
Agricultural mechanics

Roman Rustia
HABB1 Building Manager
135 HABB1 | (540) 231-1864
Facilities management and development in Human and Agricultural Biosciences Building 1 (HABB1), a research intensive building that houses research programs of the Biological Systems Engineering (BSE) and Food Science and Technology (FST) departments

Jiayuan Sheng
Postdoctoral Associate
301F HABB1 | (540) 231-2974
Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology

Wesley Tse
Project Associate
400 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-2083
Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development

Gene Yagow
Senior Research Scientist
306 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-2538
Nonpoint source pollution modeling, watershed assessment, TMDLs