Ebrahim Ahmadisharaf
Postdoctoral Associate
400 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-2083
Watershed modeling, GIS applications in water resources, uncertainty analysis, hydrologic modeling, water quality

Priscilla Beth Baker
Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator
307A Seitz Hall | (540) 231-2145
Undergraduate academic advising for course selection and degree focus, internships, co-ops, study abroad, career opportunities, and support services offered through the university

Daniel Fuka
Research Associate
Cornell University | (607) 793-1700
Geoscience interfacing, watershed sciences

Jeremy Hanson
Project Coordinator - EPA Expert Panel BMP Assessment
Annapolis, MD | (410) 267-5777
Nonpoint source BMPs, BMPs in the Chesapeake Bay watershed

John Ignosh
Advanced Specialist, Agricultural Byproduct Utilization
Extension Northern District | (540) 432-6029 x108
Agricultural byproduct utilization, renewable energy, energy efficiency, nutrient management, Extension programming, project analysis, and international development

Karen Kline
Senior Research Scientist
400 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-0094
Watershed, water quality, and hydrologic modeling; development of TMDLs for impaired waters

Robert Lane
Extension Specialist, Seafood
Virginia Seafood AREC | (757) 727-4861
Thermal and vision food processing, evaluation, validation; time/temperature measurement and analysis; sustainable energy, water, resource and waste management

Laura Lehmann
Env/Agri Research Manager
111 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-6094
Environmental/Agricultural Research Manager

Erin Ling
Water Quality Extension Associate
302F HABB1 | (540) 231-9058
Private water supply testing and outreach, community watershed management, development of water quality education and outreach materials, social marketing and behavior change, program management

Christian Mariger
314 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-6957
Agricultural mechanics

Julia Reis
Postdoctoral Associate
400 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-2083
Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology

Roman Rustia
HABB1 Building Manager
135 HABB1 | (540) 231-1864
Facilities management and development in Human and Agricultural Biosciences Building 1 (HABB1), a research intensive building that houses research programs of the Biological Systems Engineering (BSE) and Food Science and Technology (FST) departments

Emily K. Smith-McKenna
Research Scientist
400 Seitz Hall 
Geospatial analysis and modeling; watershed modeling and TMDL development; natural resource assessment (including water and forest ecosystem resources); spatio-temporal patterns and dynamics in ecosystems, and their response to environmental impacts.