Justin Barone
Associate Professor
301D HABB1 | (540) 231-0680

Biopolymers, self-assembly, and processing

Brian Benham
Professor and Extension Specialist
209 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-5705

Watershed management, nonpoint source pollution assessment and control, household drinking water quality

John Cundiff, P.E.
Professor Emeritus
309 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-7603

Alternative energy/alternative crops, systems simulation

Jonathan Czuba, P.E.
Assistant Professor
301 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-4858

Physical processes in rivers, their linkages to water quality, nutrients, vegetation, and biota, and the interactions between these processes and humans

Theo Dillaha, P.E.
Professor Emeritus

Nonpoint source pollution control and modeling; watershed and water resources management, sustainable agriculture, international development

Zachary Easton
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
303 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-0689

Hydrology and water quality, best management practices, modeling

Robert (Bobby) Grisso, P.E.
Professor and Interim Department Head
200 Seitz Hall (540) 231-1980

Biomass logistics, machinery systems, machinery management, precision farming, and farm safety

Conrad Heatwole, P.E.
Associate Professor Emeritus

Watershed modeling and geospatial analysis of landuse impacts on hydrology, water quality and ecosystem function

Cully Hession, P.E.
204 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-9480

Stream channel structure and sediment dynamics, influence of human activities on streams, techniques for measuring and improving in-stream habitat, and development of technologies and strategies for successful stream restoration

Leigh-Anne Krometis
Associate Professor
308 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-4372

Public health; waterborne disease; stormwater management

Saied Mostaghimi
H.E. and Elizabeth F. Alphin Professor
CALS Associate Dean for Research
104 Hutcheson Hall | (540) 231-6336

Nonpoint source pollution control; watershed management; Impacts of management practices

Jactone Arogo Ogejo, P.E.
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
302E HABB1 | (540) 231-6815

Animal manure and other organic bioresidues management and utilization; characterization and mitigation of aerial pollutants from sources in animal feeding operations

John Perumpral
W. S. Cross Professor and Head Emeritus

Machine systems for sustainable production and processing of biological materials

David Sample, P.E.
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
Hampton Roads AREC | (757) 363-3835

Urban stormwater management, watershed modeling, and design of best management practices

Durelle Scott
Associate Professor
305 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-2449

Material fate and transport through streams and wetlands

Ryan Senger
Associate Professor
301C HABB1 | (540) 231-9501

Metabolic engineering, systems biology, synthetic biology

Julie Shortridge
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
205 Seitz Hall| (540) 231-2797

Water resources engineering and management; Climate change impacts and adaptation; Risk and decision analysis in water systems

Venkat Sridhar, P.E.
Assistant Professor
212 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-1797

Earth systems modeling, climate impacts on hydrology and water resources, evapotranspiration, land-atmosphere interaction

Tess Wynn Thompson
Associate Professor & Turner Faculty Fellow
213 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-2454

Ecological engineering, stream and wetlands restoration, urban stormwater management

Mary Leigh Wolfe
301-J HABB1 | (540) 231-6615

Nonpoint source pollution control and modeling; decision support for watershed management

Clay Wright
Assistant Professor
HABB1 (540) 

Plant Synthetic Biology

Chenming (Mike) Zhang
Professor & Turner Faculty Fellow
210 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-7601

Protein expression and purification; bio-nanoparticle mediated drug delivery; vaccine development