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Extension Personnel

Brian Benham
Professor and Extension Specialist
209 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-5705
Watershed management, nonpoint source pollution assessment and control, household drinking water quality

Zachary Easton
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
205 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-0689
Hydrology and water quality, best management practices, modeling

Bobby Grisso, P.E.
Professor and Interim Department Head
200 Seitz Hall (540) 231-1980
Biomass logistics, machinery systems, machinery management, precision farming, and farm safety

John Ignosh
Area Specialist, Agricultural Byproduct Utilization
Extension Northern District | (540) 432-6029
Agricultural byproduct utilization, renewable energy, energy efficiency, nutrient management, Extension programming, project analysis, and international development

Robert Lane
Extension Specialist, Seafood
Virginia Seafood AREC | (757) 727-4861
Thermal and vision food processing, evaluation, validation; time/temperature measurement and analysis; sustainable energy, water, resource and waste managemen

Erin Ling
Water Quality Extension Associate
400D Seitz Hall | (540) 231-9058
Private water supply testing and outreach, community watershed management, development of water quality education and outreach materials, social marketing and behavior change, program management

Jactone Arogo Ogejo, P.E.
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
212 Seitz Hall | (540) 231-6815
Animal manure and other organic bioresidues management and utilization; characterization and mitigation of aerial pollutants from sources in animal feeding operations

David Sample, P.E.
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
Hampton Roads AREC | (757) 363-3835
Urban stormwater management, watershed modeling, and design of best management practices