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Policies and Procedures


The following policies and procedures have been established to guide the planning, development, operation, and completion of graduate programs in the Biological Systems Engineering Department.  These policies and procedures have been developed for use by both graduate students and their advisors (major professors and advisory committee members).

Graduate students are expected to review these policies and procedures very carefully, and meet with their major professor to discuss them and seek clarification if needed.  The Graduate Program Director and/or the Department Head can also clarify policies and procedures.  The graduate student and the major professor are responsible for meeting all the requirements.

In addition to these policies and procedures, all BSE graduate students are expected to follow the Graduate School Policies.

The Virginia Tech Graduate Honor Code

Graduate students in Biological Systems Engineering are expected to adhere to the Graduate Honor Code.


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Provisional Admission (Master's students only)

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Probation due to Unsatisfactory Grades

The policy for probation due to unsatisfactory grades is set forth by the Graduate School in the Graduate School Policies.

Graduate Assistantships (GA, GRA, GTA)

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Professional Attitude

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Professional Travel

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University Vehicles - Fleet Services

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Department Vehicles

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