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Full-time students on BSE assistantships are required to enroll for 15 credit hours each semester.  Domestic students with no assistantship should enroll a minimum of 9 credits to become eligible for a full time student status.  Due to visa regulations, international students are required to register for a minimum of 12 credits to maintain full time student status.

In situations where course credits total is less than the above minimum enrollment, the student must register for either BSE 5994 Research and Thesis (for masters students) or BSE 7994 Research and Dissertation (for doctoral students) and increase the number of credit hours in order to meet the minimum enrollment.

New students are expected to meet with their major professor before the beginning of classes to tentatively outline the courses to be taken during their degree program. The final Plan of Study will be based on the student's specific interests and on the recommendation of the advisory committee.