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Departmental Support and Privileges

Secretarial support and the use of the copy machine, printer, and other departmental supplies are not provided to students for completion of theses, dissertations, or for personal use.  These services, however, are available for students in accomplishing teaching and research responsibilities assigned in the department.  The student is responsible for all expenses involving preparation of the thesis or dissertation.

Departmental Support and Privileges

Office space with appropriate furniture is available to graduate students while pursuing degree requirements.  The Graduate Program Coordinator assigns office space. If students want to move to a different office space, they should first get the approval from the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Keys are issued by the faculty/staff member responsible for key distribution and must be returned prior to departure from the University.  A key form must be completed, signed by advisor and submitted to the appropriate staff person.

Seitz Hall keys - Teresa Smith, 202.Seitz Hall
HABB1 keys - Roman Rustia, 135 HABB1

Phones for student use are located in 214 Seitz Hall (231-6509).  Toll calls may not be made from any phone in the department unless permission is granted by the major professor.

The photocopier in the department can be used for your teaching related activities and to a limited extent, for sponsored research related activities.  For large amounts of copying, you should contact your major professor and make arrangement to use the Printing Services in Smyth Hall.

All supplies ordered must have prior approval from the Major Professor. For items ordered from any other department, an ISR form (Interdepartmental Service Request) must be filled out and supplied when the materials are obtained. A copy must be given to the fiscal technician (Teresa Smith). The Major Professor should be consulted on current procedures for ordering supplies and equipment for your research. When ordered supplies are received, the packing slip is to be checked to ensure the materials ordered are included in the shipment; the packing slip should then be signed, dated, and given on the same day to Teresa Smith.