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Safety Procedures

The University Health and Safety Policy is intended to help prevent accidents, illnesses and injuries; increase safety awareness; meet requirements of environmental, occupational health, and safety laws and regulations; reduce institutional liability; and establish safety responsibilities for members of the university community and visitors to university-owned property, including state-owned property associated with Virginia Tech.

Before using any laboratory facilities, students must become familiar with the safety procedures that apply to the area, through the laboratory manager. Only after an orientation on safety procedures by the laboratory manager, will permission be granted to use a specific laboratory facility.  All accidents are to be reported to the laboratory manager and the student's Major Professor as well as the faculty member responsible for the designated area.

Student responsibilities include:

  • Compliance with all university health and safety programs,
  • Attendance at a mandatory safety orientation provided by the laboratory manager. and,
  • Informing the laboratory manager, and supervisor of any safety hazards in the classroom, laboratory or other workplace areas.