US News and World Report have released their 2023-24 undergraduate program rankings.  Overall, Virginia Tech ranked 20th in the Top Public Schools with particluar strong points in innovation, computer science and engineering. 

As part of the College of Engineering, which ranked 13th among universities with a Ph.D option, the Departent of Biological Systems Engineering ranked 10th in the Top 10 for best undergraduate programs. 

"I’m thrilled to see the hard work of the Department and the accomplishments of our students acknowledged by our peers across the US. This is what can happen when you have wonderful students and an entire department that is invested in these students’ success. " said Dwayne Edwards, Department Head, when asked about the achievement. "It’s an affirmation that we’re all moving in a good direction, and it’s a promise of even more successes in BSE’s future."

A complete list of Virginia Tech's worldwide and national rankings