Every year, students partake in various study abroad opportunites. This year, students study abroad in some of the coldest locations to some of the warmest. Below is a collect of students who spent their winter break, semester and spring break in various parts of the world. 

Eli Brady 

Eli Brady spent his spring semester in Dublin, Ireland. Eli recently shared that while classes are structured differently, he enjoyed the learning experience. When not in class, he had the chance to visit the Cliff of Mother in Galway, Cork, Snowdonia National Park in Wales, and see an Irish St. Patrick's day parade.

man smiling at camera

Ella Fox, Sam Weatherly and Megan Pritchard 

students wearing headlamps walk under the aurora borelius

Some try to escape the cold, others flock to it. These three spent two weeks in Iceland with The Green Program, with a focus on sustainability. 

Megan Luczko 

Megan Luczko spent her spring semester in Valencia, Spain.  While there, she visited Barcelona, Morella, Granda, Portugal and the Canary Islands. She also had the chance to make Paella, go hiking, learn more about Spain’s history, and go to a soccer game.

woman standing in front of a night time lit up town

Johnathan Bailey 

man working with machinery

Johnathan Bailey spent six months interning at the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries at the Salisbury Research Facility -- the largest forestry products research facility in Australia. While there, Baliey explored its potential use in engineered wood products -- like glue-laminated timber -- that would add value to the plantation timber industry and help meet Australia's rising demand for structural timber.  

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