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Kathleen Hohweiler

BSE M.S. Student
  • GSO Secretary
Kathleen Hohweiler, Virginia Tech BSE Graduate Student
Agnew Hall 200-O


M.S.., Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2023 Expected

B.S., Geology, Towson University, 2021

Honors College, Towson University, 2021

Departmental Honors, Towson University, 2021

Pelham Outstanding Junior Award, 2020, Towson University


August 2021-present, Graduate Research Assistant, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech

October 2018- August 2021, Geochemistry Undergraduate Research Assistant, Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences, Towson University

June 2019- August 2019, REEU Summer Research Fellow, Biological Systems Engineering, Virginia Tech

January 2018- May 2019, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Political Science, Towson University, Honors College

08/2021 to 01/2022: Teaching Assistant for BSE 2004 Introduction to Biological Systems Engineering 

My current research is focused on identifying and quantifying per-polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) chemicals in private drinking water wells across Virginia. In collaboration with the US Geologic Survey, Virginia Department of Health, and the Virginia Household Water Quality Program, we first are focusing on Floyd and Roanoke counties to determine any biases potentially associated with homeowner sample collection compared to an “expert” sample collection (i.e., professor, graduate student, extension agent) of PFAS chemicals. In addition, we are interested in determining the species of PFAS chemicals found in each geologic region of Virginia.

My research is heavily based in extension. Through a partnership with the Virginia Household Water Quality Program, we are testing drinking water quality in wells across Virginia. More specifically, we are interested in returning information on PFAS as an emerging contaminant, metals, total coliform, and several other parameters. In addition, I have previously partnered with Friends of Peak Creek in Pulaski County, VA to address metal concerns at a former EPA superfund site.