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This research area focuses on the interface between cell engineering and biomaterial engineering. We are interested in developing novel nanomaterials for vaccines, applying synthetic biology tools to engineer cells for therapeutic applications, and expressing effective proteins for therapeutic interests.

Areas of interest

  • Synthetic Biology  
  • Precision Medicine Engineering  
  • Bionanotechnology for Vaccine Development  
  • Drug Delivery  
  • Tissue Engineering  
  • Biosensors and Diagnostics Development 
  • Protein Engineering


  • Bio Item
    Juhong Chen , bio

    Assistant Professor: Food Safety Engineering; Biosensors and Bioinstrumentation

  • Bio Item
    Anna Duraj-Thatte , bio

    Assistant Professor: Engineered Living Materials, Synthetic Biology, Biomaterials, Therapeutics

  • Bio Item
    Ryan Senger , bio

    Associate Professor: Metabolic engineering, systems biology, synthetic biology

  • Bio Item
    Wujin Sun , bio

    Assistant Professor: Cell and biomaterial engineering, drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, precision medicine

  • Bio Item
    Clay Wright , bio

    Assistant Professor: Plant Synthetic Biology

  • Bio Item
    Chenming (Mike) Zhang , bio

    Professor and Turner Faculty Fellow: Nanovaccines, Protein Expression, Protein Purification, Vaccine development, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology