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Sinking Drillfield rumors exposed

Collegiate Times, Monday, February, 11, 2013

Walking across campus on a blustery February morning is a bad start to any day, but is the Drillfield actually a downer?

Central to Virginia Tech’s campus, the Drillfield visibly lowers in elevation as one walks from War Memorial Hall at its southern end to Burruss Hall, at its northern end. Rumors have long circulated that the open space of grass is sinking, claiming the bowl-like depression as proof.

Students explained the Drillfield depression in different ways. One student said she heard it was sinking because of the number of pushups done by the Corp of Cadets, while others said that they heard about the mysterious sink during orientation.

“I heard it sinks around an inch a year,” said senior computer science major Derek Ong. “I think I even heard that in a freshman tour.”