The Byproduct Management Laboratory conducts research on the development and technology transfer and education/outreach activities addressing the management and utilization of bioresidues to recover and or produce bioenergy, biobased products, nutrients, and agricultural air quality to enhance the viability of the economy of local communities and protect the environment. The Byproduct Management team seeks interdisciplinary approach to:

  • Develop algal biofuel,
  • Identify new uses for agriculture byproducts,
  • Develop innovative ways to recover and manage nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen associated with livestock production to protect water quality
  • Develop biomethane recovery systems for farms with small herds (<150 cows)
  • Develop air quality mitigation technologies and BMPs for animal feeding operations
  • Determine the fate of pathogens and emerging pollutants such as hormones and endocrine disrupting materials in manure treatment systems

The Laboratory is equipped with:

  • Shimadzu GC with FID and TCD detectors.
  • Agilent GC with FID
  • HP 6800 GC with FID detectors
  • Shimadzu HPLC
  • Bench scale Bioflow 110 fermenters (New Brunswick Scientific)
  • Denaturing Gradient Gel Elecrophoresis (DGGE)
  • Anaerobic/Environmental Chamber: Bactron IV
  • Dionex IC 3000
  • Custom built anaerobic digesters
  • Custom built nitrogen and phosphorus recovery bioreactors
  • Centrifuge, Shakers, incubators, and hoods