The Water Systems Modeling Lab is a collaborative workspace with high-performance computing facilities for the modeling, simulation, and optimization of complex, coupled human-water systems. The lab is equipped with three modeling workstations, each of which features either an i7 (8-thread) or i9 (16-thread) processor, 1TB SSD, and 32 to 64 GB RAM, along modeling software such as RStudio, Matlab, ArcMap products, and various water systems modeling software (e.g., SWAT, WEAP, etc.). Our group also takes advantage of Virginia Tech's Advanced Research Computing (ARC) facilities, as well as other options for cloud and virtual computing such as Amazon Web Services. Ongoing projects within this space include evaluations of the impacts of climate change on water and agricultural resources, development of approaches for climate change adaptation under deep uncertainty, and machine learning methods for simulation and prediction in complex, coupled human-water systems