The Watershed Assessment Laboratory (WAL) provides a computing resource facility for the Center for Watershed Studies. The Center conducts interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach to improve the integrity of the Nation\'s waters and watersheds by advancing the science, tools, and expertise available for developing, evaluating, and implementing watershed planning and management processes. The WAL\'s computing resources provide faculty, staff, and students access to powerful computing resources which are used to run complex watershed simulation software and perform extensive spatial data analyses (GIS). The WAL\'s computer resources are also used by Center faculty when delivering hands-on watershed modeling training experiences to audiences that include state and federal agency staff, private-sector consultants, and visiting scholars. In addition, the WAL houses both research and extension faculty that are involved in projects ranging from performing total maximum daily load (TMDL) studies, to TMDL implementation planning, to conducting a household water quality outreach/education program that serves the needs of Virginians relying on private wells, springs, and cisterns for their drinking water.