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Public & Environmental Health

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Cooperative Extension household water quality program, testing well water at the home of Emily Hutchins, with Erin Ling, in McCoy.

This research area focuses on the relationships between people and their environment. It involves studying the environmental transport pathways that result in human exposure to contaminants and developing strategies to protect human health and the environment.

Areas of interest

  • Public and Ecological Health Impacts 
  • Climate Change 
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution 
  • Water Quality  
  • Fate and Transport of Pollutants in the Environment 
  • Agricultural Air Quality


  • Bio Item
    Jonathan Czuba, P.E. , bio

    Assistant Professor: River and floodplain processes and restoration; sediment transport; ecohydraulics and ecomorphodynamics

  • Bio Item
    Anna Duraj-Thatte , bio

    Assistant Professor: Engineered Living Materials, Synthetic Biology, Biomaterials, Therapeutics

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    W. Cully Hession, P.E. , bio

    Professor and Graduate Program Director: Ecological engineering, influence of human activities on streams, stream channel & floodplain interactions, techniques for measuring and improving in-stream habitat, and development of technologies and strategies for successful stream restoration

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    Leigh-Anne Krometis , bio

    Associate Professor and Turner Faculty Fellow: Public health; waterborne disease; stormwater management

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    Jactone Ogejo, P.E. , bio

    Associate Professor and Extension Specialist: Animal manure and other organic bioresidues management and utilization; characterization and mitigation of aerial pollutants from sources in animal feeding operations

  • Bio Item
    Julie Shortridge , bio

    Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist: Water resources engineering and management; Climate change impacts and adaptation; Risk and decision analysis in water systems

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    Venkat Sridhar, P.E. , bio

    Associate Professor: Earth systems modeling, climate impacts on hydrology and water resources, evapotranspiration, land-atmosphere interaction

  • Bio Item
    Tess Wynn Thompson , bio

    Associate Professor: Ecological engineering; stream and wetlands restoration; urban stormwater management