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Sustainable Food Systems

Student testing on plants

This research area applies advanced and innovative approaches to solve critical and emerging issues across the food systems supply chain. Our work ranges from improved breeding technologies and metabolic engineering to precision on-farm practices and management, all aimed at producing enough food, fuel, fiber and pharmaceuticals for the world's growing population. We work from the molecular to the farm scale to ensure a safe, reliable, and sustainable supply of food, raw materials, and value-added products while minimizing harmful impacts on society and environment.

Areas of interest

  • Byproduct Use and Management 
  • Biosensors
  • Cyberbiosecurity 
  • Food Safety Engineering 
  • Plant Synthetic Biology  
  • Bioenergy 
  • Metabolic Engineering 
  • Irrigation and Water Management 
  • Climate Change 
  • Impacts and Adaptation Nonpoint Source Pollution 
  • Food Supply Chain Waste Management 
  • Precision Agriculture


  • Bio Item
    Feras Batarseh , bio

    Associate Professor: Artificial Intelligence Assurance, Intelligent Water Systems, Cyberbiosecurity, Context and Causality, AI for Agricultural Policy

  • Bio Item
    Brian Benham , bio

    Professor and Extension Specialist: Watershed management, nonpoint source pollution assessment and control, household drinking water quality

  • Bio Item
    Abhilash Chandel , bio

    Assistant Professor: Precision Agriculture

  • Bio Item
    Juhong Chen , bio

    Assistant Professor: Food Safety Engineering; Biosensors and Bioinstrumentation

  • Bio Item
    Anna Duraj-Thatte , bio

    Assistant Professor: Engineered Living Materials, Synthetic Biology, Biomaterials, Therapeutics

  • Bio Item
    Zachary Easton , bio

    Professor and Extension Specialist: Hydrology and water quality, best management practices, modeling

  • Bio Item
    Haibo Huang , bio

    Associate Professor: Food Processing, Fermentation Engineering, Process Simulation, and Economic Analysis

  • Bio Item
    Jactone Ogejo, P.E. , bio

    Associate Professor and Extension Specialist: Animal manure and other organic bioresidues management and utilization; characterization and mitigation of aerial pollutants from sources in animal feeding operations

  • Bio Item
    Julie Shortridge , bio

    Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist: Water resources engineering and management; Climate change impacts and adaptation; Risk and decision analysis in water systems

  • Bio Item
    Venkat Sridhar, P.E. , bio

    Associate Professor: Earth systems modeling, climate impacts on hydrology and water resources, evapotranspiration, land-atmosphere interaction

  • Bio Item
    Zhiwu (Drew) Wang, P.E. , bio

    Assistant Professor: Bioenergy/bioproduct; water/wastewater treatment; nutrient removal/recovery; upscaled bioprocessing

  • Bio Item
    Clay Wright , bio

    Assistant Professor: Plant Synthetic Biology