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Nicole Chapman

BSE Ambassador
Nicole Chapman, Virginia Tech Biological Systems Engineering Ambassador

Nicole Chapman is a BSE junior from Bethesda, Maryland focusing on Watershed Science and Environmental Health, with a double major in French. After graduation, she hopes to work abroad with sustainable water management in developing cities, especially in the area of urban agriculture. She is passionate about interconnecting renewable energy, water, and food systems to mitigate the risks of the climate crisis in underserved communities. She worked as a co-op at Standard Solar, Inc. in Rockville, Maryland during the fall of 2020 where she designed and modeled energy production from solar photovoltaic systems.

She currently works in the BSE Water Quality Lab with the Virginia Household Water Quality Program to analyze well water samples for public health and safety. Nicole loves spending time outside hiking and teaching yoga classes, and she rides on the VT Dressage and Hunter Equestrian teams.

She is excited to spread the same motivation, commitment, and passion to solving global problems that drew her into the BSE major her freshman year.